Employees and visitors to your facility expect and deserve clean, comfortable, and well-stocked restrooms. Clean Start Systems delivers on all counts, with fastidious yet cost-effective restroom cleaning services that make a positive impression and sanitize your facilities. Our services include:

  • Professional-level cleaning and disinfecting of all plumbing fixtures (commodes, urinals, sinks), partitions, walls, door handles, and dryers
  • Disinfecting of all surface areas, counter tops, sink faucets and handles
  • Spray-cleaning of all mirrors
  • Hot-water/chemical cleaning and vacuum-drying of all floors
  • Restocking of paper products as required

You can request a free quote online right now, or get in touch with the Clean Start Systems staff for more detailed information on any of the services we provide.

We can be reached by phone at 888-626-1722 or via email through our website’s secured contact form.