As attractive and handy as they may be in controlling outdoor light, the sun's heat, and office security at night – blinds accumulate bacteria, nicotine, odors, pollen, dust, dirt and other particles that contribute to a number of health problems. Clean Start Systems ultrasonic blind cleaning system ensures your window blinds remain an asset rather than a liability. Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Developed specifically for the cleaning industry, an ultrasonic wave generator injects sound waves into a specially formulated cleaning solution, creating millions of micro-bubbles that gently implode the dirt and impurities away from the blinds or shades. This process cleans the slats, cords, wands, ladders, head rail, and all operating mechanisms of your window blinds... All without color fading or deterioration of your blinds.
  • Step 2: Your blinds are then rinsed in a solution containing a drying agent, which allows the blinds to dry very quickly and without water spots. It also helps removes static electricity, so your blinds attract dust less quickly after cleaning. And unlike conventional cleaning methods, there is no rubbing or scrubbing or any other type of abrasive process that could damage blinds.

Why throw perfectly good blinds away – when they can be cleaned for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new ones? Call or email Clean Start Systems today to obtain a quote, schedule an appointment , or pose any questions you may have about this innovative cleaning technology.

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