Clean Start enters strategic alliance with electrostatic technology provider, xyfection, LLC

Clean Start Services has announced a strategic alliance with electrostatic technology provider, xyfection, LLC. The partnership leverages compatible competencies, services, and corporate cultures to the mutual benefit of both companies – and, more importantly, to bring additional value to their customers.

“We are pleased to form this alliance with xyfection,” says Clean Start Systems founder and owner, Robert Blount. “Not only does it allow us to combine resources, strike new operational efficiencies, and add new value to our unified customer base -- I believe xyfection’s unique technology is a perfect and frankly exciting example of the ways the corporate-cleaning and janitorial sector is innovating, advancing, and growing.”

According to Blount, xyfection’s electrostatic disinfection system involves uniformly spraying an electrostatically charged disinfectant onto workplace surfaces and objects such as furniture, exercise equipment, and medical equipment. The system is proven to do a more thorough job eliminating pathogens and reducing their mobility, which, in turn, reduces employee absenteeism (particularly during the flu season), reduced labor costs, and healthier workers. The xyfection process also assists in controlling and the spread of viruses such as influenza, MRSA, HIV, Staph, Strep, C-Dificile, among others.

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