With so many people exploring ways to keep their homes and businesses COVID-free, it’s not surprising that the sales of personal and commercial air purifiers has surged. Interestingly, a recent study authored by researchers at Portland State University, Colorado State University and Illinois Tech, is suggesting that the use of these popular devices may be, in actuality, cleaning one potentially harmful pollutant while inadvertently creating more challenges in the process.

According to the joint study, some ionizing devices decreased the presence of certain volatile organic compounds, but also demonstrated an increase in other oxygenated volatile compounds and toluene, substances commonly found in chemicals including aerosols, paints, pesticides and others. We suggest reading the study to learn more about its complete findings.

New Study Finds Potential Problems with Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are incredibly popular, and that popularity has grown in response to the COVID pandemic. However, they should not serve as a standalone solution for those looking to keep their homes and businesses safe, clean and sanitized. As evidenced by many studies, electrostatic disinfection remains one of the most effective and affordable ways to kill COVID-19 on contact.

  • Clean Start Systems is one of NY’s leading providers of electrostatic disinfection
  • Electrostatic disinfection reaches surface areas that spray disinfectants often miss
  • All applications are tailored to the unique characteristics of each home or business
  • An affordable way to help commercial operations and businesses reopen faster
  • Electrostatic disinfection is EPA-approved and has been proven to kill COVID-19
  • All applications are conducted by highly-trained Clean Start Systems technicians

If you’re relying solely on air purifiers and spray disinfectants to protect your home or business, the effort may be noble but the results will never achieve what electrostatic disinfection can provide. Clean Start Systems offers affordable, reliable service to both homeowners and businesses and has locations throughout Western and Central NY.

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