As we enter the second year of life with COVID-19, the need to promote workplaces that are safe, healthy and hygienically-welcoming continue to be as important as ever. And while more businesses are beginning to reopen, many remain closed as a measure of extreme caution. For those who have chosen to safely reopen their doors, remaining conscious of things we often overlook is a smart way to ensure that you, your employees and any visitors remain safe.

Creating a Safe, Healthy Workplace for Employees and Guests

At Clean Start Systems, we understand how vital it is for thriving businesses to promote the safest and healthiest workplace possible. Here are a few things to remain mindful of when it comes to keeping your office or workplace safe for all who frequent it.

  • Breakrooms, bathrooms and conference rooms require extra sanitizing efforts

  • Pay special attention to door knobs, vending machines, floors and blinds

  • Professional cleaning is strongly advised for those who can’t aggressively do so

  • Providing wipes and sanitizer to employees can encourage more proactive cleaning

  • Know the difference between allergy symptoms and more serious conditions

  • Electrostatic disinfection is an effective way to kill viruses and pathogens on contact

Clean Start Systems Helps Keeps Businesses Open for Business

We recognize what stressful times these are, and moreover how time consuming it can be when trying to keep your facility safe, healthy and sanitized. At Clean Start Systems, we bring over 35 years of professional cleaning and disinfection experience, allowing you to focus on what you do best. For complete information on our services and how they can promote peace of mind at your workplace, get in touch with the location closest to you.

Clean Start Systems has proudly served businesses throughout Western and Central NY for over 35 years, and maintains a sterling reputation of value, reliability and client satisfaction. Reach out through our secured contact page, or speak to an agent direct by calling 888-626-1722.