While it’s vital to ensure that your workplace is clean and sanitized at all times, more and more businesses are beginning to understand the dire importance of having their facility deep-cleaned at specific times during the calendar year. Spring is precisely one of these times. Between cold and flu season, as well as the countless winter elements that get trapped indoors when the windows are shut for months on end, having your office or store deep-cleaned at the start of Spring is an effective way to ensure the health and safety of staff, customers, vendors, and guests.

Spring Deep Cleaning Services for Offices and Businesses

Since 1985, the professionals at Clean Start Systems have been committed to offering commercial cleaning services of the highest caliber. Whether you’re most concerned with appearances, or looking for a sound way to promote the healthiest workplace possible, here’s just a sampling of the deep-cleaning services we offer for businesses throughout New York:

  • Full-facility deep cleaning for offices and businesses of all sizes
  • Electrostatic disinfection to eliminate viruses, bacteria and pathogens
  • Ultrasonic blind cleaning, where bacteria and pathogens often collect
  • Sustainable Green Cleaning services with LEED-compliant products
  • Professional floor cleaning services for hardwood, carpet, tile and more
  • Expert window washing services to keep your facility looking its best

The past few years have taught us many things about the lingering power of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogenic airborne particulates. If you’re looking to promote a workplace that’s as clean and inviting as it is safe and sanitized, the professionals at Clean Start Systems are here to help. Get in touch to learn more about our company, our office cleaning services, or to schedule your 3-month simple service startup trial.

Clean Start Systems has offices and providers throughout the entire state of New York. You can reach us anytime during regular business hours by phone at 888-626-1722, or write to us day or night by filling out the short form on our website’s contact page.