With COVID continuing to create challenges for businesses looking to safely remain open during the initial phases of vaccination, it’s important for business owners and facility managers to pay especially close attention to areas which pose the greatest potential for spread of the virus, especially in cases where asymptomatic employees and guests may frequently interact. Some may seem obvious, though it’s important to stay vigilant for those concerned with promoting the highest levels of health and safety in the workplace.

Top Areas to Have Professionally Cleaned in Commercial Offices

While it’s vital to ensure cleanliness and enhanced sanitation throughout your entire facility during the COVID pandemic, the list below contains some of the most important areas to be mindful of as we all work to get back to life and business as normal.

  • Bathrooms, including those used by employees as well as visitors

  • Kitchens, break rooms and other common gathering/eating areas

  • Conference rooms and offices accustomed to close contact meetings

  • Entrances and lobbies, including all door handles and elevator panels

  • Storage Areas and office supply rooms where items are frequently touched

  • HR Departments, sales offices and other areas of high employee traffic

There’s never been a more important time to ensure that your office building or commercial facility are at their cleanest and most sanitary levels, and this often requires more than the occasional wipe down. To learn more about the benefits of having your facility professionally cleaned and sanitized, get in touch with Clean Start Systems in NY and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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